4 Savvy Tricks to Dress Glam & Rich with a Humble Budget

In order to look opulent and give the best first impression, it’s tempting to think that purchasing pricey designer clothes will do the trick. But you wouldn’t need to buy them at full price. There are ways to look great even if you paid so little for the fashion pieces in your wardrobe.

You may be asking, how can you buy the right kind of clothes and care for them accordingly so no one could guess that you are dressing up and NOT spending a fortune while doing so? If you’re trying to build a wardrobe with remarkable outfits on a tight budget, it’s crucial to be wise with your fashion choices. Here’s how:

  1. Choose faux suede over faux leather. In the event you have to purchase on sale or low-priced shoes, you may instinctively purchase faux leather. But don’t you notice how faux suede tends to look more genuine than faux leather?

    So in order to easily glam up your wardrobe on a tight budget, opt for shoes made of faux suede. Just don’t forget to take them to a shoe repair shop for heel replacement when necessary. It’s a no-no to wear shoes that are worn out in any way. They will cheapen your entire outfit.

  2. Don’t put on too many accessories. Putting on too many accessories will risk covering up an already cheap outfit with cheaper stuff. You’d certainly want to avoid this tacky mistake. Instead, pay special attention to only three items: your belt, your watch, and your shoes. Keep these items classic and you’d be on the right track!

    Of course, it won’t hurt to dress up in a plain dress with a fancy necklace, but keep in mind that you don’t have to put on too many necklaces, earrings and what-not.

  3. Go for neutral nails and natural-looking makeup. Your nails, once kept clean and neutral, will reflect glam taste. Also, minimalist makeup hardly fails when it comes to helping you achieve a simple and stylish everyday makeup look. Save all those shimmery, bold tricks for large parties. A dab of concealer or BB cream, neutral eyeshadow, and a lipstick can be all you need sometimes; just don’t overdo it. Don’t forget to groom your eyebrows as well.

    As soon as you’ve learned how to work toward the much-coveted “natural” makeup look and master it, you’d appear effortlessly pretty and well-groomed any day!

  4. Replace built-in belts and cheap plastic buttons. There are many clothes that come with built-in best, and you’d definitely want to replace them for a classier look. A cheap belt would be a giveaway that you’re wearing an equally cheaper dress or jumpsuit, after all.

Regardless of budget, all women desire to look their best. As you can see, while there are some who can easily splurge and look effortlessly fab, it’s still possible to achieve a great look on a relatively smaller budget. Simply keep in mind the tips we have shared and you’d be happy you did!