5 Amazingly Easy Ways to Smell Great Without Perfume

Smell Great Without Perfume

Have you encountered people who always smell as if they took a bath in a tub of perfume, even if they just did a heavy workout? It turns out that there's a formula to smelling good, and it’s not as difficult, even without the use of perfume!

Follow the tips below and soon you’d be turning heads with your scent!

  1. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as clean protein. According to experts, it effectively keeps the body fresh, running smoothly without a bad effect on body odor. However, if your diet is rich in onions, spice, garlic, and red meat, it’s a different story. Onions, spice and garlic, depending on your consumption, come through your skin (and breath!) for up to 2 days! Red meat, along with alcohol, can also mess up the way the body smells. As the body processes alcohol, the byproduct is sugar, which is processed through the pores. The results? A sickly, sweet odor. Yikes!

  2. Use red radish juice to clean your feet and underarms and keep them smelling fresh. Do you know that the body releases excess heat through sweat, which doesn’t actually smell bad. It’s the bacteria that makes it smell. With its great antibacterial properties, red radish juice will naturally and safely get rid of the bacteria that’s making you stink. For best results, take a shower first, and make sure to use only natural and plant based soaps. Then apply red radish juice to your underarms and feet before rinsing it with water and wine vinegar.  After washing your underarms, apply baby powder or talc. Try it out and see the difference it makes!

  3. Wash your clothes properly. This may seem like a no-brainer, but the way you look after your clothing will have a huge impact on the odor that you emit. A good, scented detergent will leave your clothes, and you, smelling fresh all day long. Find a laundry detergent that’s nontoxic and allergen-free.

  4. Use baking soda. Want a natural deodorizer that’s super affordable? Baking soda won’t disappoint! It’s super-effective and gentle. All you have to do is sprinkle some baking soda in your shoes to keep them from smelling bad. It works so well that you’d surely be amazed. Not only does it keep you smelling good, but it also brightens dull and darkened skin to give you a healthy glow! If you aren’t using baking soda yet, you’re missing out on its amazing benefits!

  5. Wear natural deodorant only. Avoid mainstream deodorant brands, for good, if you want to smell better right away. Unfortunately, like many products you can get from stores, the ingredient list of most commercial deodorants are littered with known carcinogens, and hormone disruptors. Then there’s also the environmental toxins present in these mainstream deodorant brands. They also force the sweat glands to produce more sweat. So once you stop using them, your sweat grands will naturally begin to produce less sweat. Try it and see for yourself!