5 Tricks to Dress Younger and Shed Many Years Off Your Look

5 Tricks to Dress Younger and Shed Many Years Off Your Look

How often do you get the feeling that your wardrobe only makes you look older than your actual age? The great news is, there are ways to tweak your style so you’d shed many years off your appearance and effectively upgrade your look.

And it’s easier than you think! You’d be amazed to see how a few tweaks here and there can transform your look without costing a major (and costly) wardrobe makeover.

  1. Wear neutral colors. You can never go wrong with building a core wardrobe in neutral colors, since they’re essentially timeless. Plus, these colors go with just about anything. The following colors, along with their tints and shades, are in this category: black, gray, navy, brown, khaki, and white.

    It’s a wise move to have a jacket, sweater, skirt, and a pair of pants and jeans in these colors. Just keep in mind that light fabrics will make you look bigger, while the dark fabrics will have the opposite effect.

  2. Show off Your Shoulders. Have you spent your younger years wearing tops with high necklines? Ditch them! Don’t be afraid to wear sleeveless or cap-sleeved tops that show off your arms and your shoulders. As long as you pick a tank top that’s not too tight and you’re wearing the right bra, a revealing top shouldn’t look tacky at all!

  3. Flaunt eye-catching patterns. This is one of the easiest and simplest ways to dress younger and even feel younger. Ergo, trying polka dots, snake prints, and stripes, among others, should be in your list. Adding them to your outfit can give off a modern and more youthful vibe.

  4. Wear a bit of heels. Getting older may be tantamount to choosing comfort over style, but you don’t have to completely shift from this mindset. No need to throw all your high-heeled shoes away, either. You can still wear them without the expected pain and discomfort.

    Instead of wearing 5-inch pumps that challenge your balance, you may swap them for kitten heels, wedges, or platform shoes. Adding a bit of height will subtract some years off your look! And more importantly, they also make you feel confident and in charge. They can take you from day to night, looking more fab and youthful!

  5. Put on less jewelry / accessories. Add a fashionable piece to a classic outfit, as this is the trick to looking younger without overdoing it. What you need to avoid would be heirloom-style costume jewelry. Oversized pearls are a no-go as well.

    Pairing a single statement necklace with a black dress or a plain shirt gives off an effortlessly chic vibe. Choose sleek and modern styles in simple, interesting shapes. Opt for light-reflecting earrings that endow you with a glow. They’d also draw the attention away from problem areas.


As you can see, the wardrobe tricks above don’t require rocket science to execute, but the results they deliver are nothing short of miraculous. Try them yourself and begin to feel young and vibrant!