Beauty Moves That Can Help Skyrocket Your Self Esteem

Beauty Moves That Can Help Skyrocket Your Self Esteem

Imagine a constant companion who’s extremely critical about almost everything you do: from your choice of clothes to the degree you decide to take or the salad topping you decided for lunch. It’s like having someone who keeps mentioning and highlighting your imperfections whenever she has the chance. It will surely make you feel terrible with every pimple on your face or stretch mark on your thighs.

Even a friend would be careful not to treat you in a derogatory way. And of course, you’ll never want to tolerate this treatment from another person. It’s unacceptably hateful and heartless. But if you have low self-esteem, this is how you’d often treat yourself. When you have a damaged sense of self-worth, you become your worst enemy in this entire world. 

It takes inner work to abolish low self–esteem, but there are beauty moves you can take to help improve the way you feel about yourself.

  1. Wear red lipstick. A study concluded that lipstick has a valuable role in constructing self-identity. It also provides understanding in how women experience appearance. Red is the color that’s mostly associated with action, passion and energy. Red lipstick, in the same study, made the respondents happier than the other shades of color. Suffice to say, lipstick offers encouragement for women to be bold while remaining true to themselves. It has become a symbol of feminine strength and confidence, and helped women overcome their struggles and doubts. Wearing a red lipstick is proven to make you feel not just physically attractive, but it will also give you a heightened sense of self-esteem. There’s something divine and sultry about women wearing red lipstick, and you can definitely take advantage of this trick to give your self-esteem an instant boost!

  2. Wear high heels. Taller people are more confident that shorter people, and this is one of the reasons why high heels are influential. Although your personal taste and audience may vary, high heels nevertheless can make you feel more confident and assertive, both in the workplace and in public. They’re also proven to significantly increase the amount of attention that women receive from men, so if you are comfortable wearing them, it’s a bonus!

  3. Get your nails done. You might be wondering, how does a seemingly simple task of getting a bit of paint and polish on your nails can transform the way you feel and think about yourself? Women report that a manicure and pedicure help them feel put together. A manicure stays with you longer than a pretty hairdo or a gorgeous outfit, after all. And when you feel good, you think more positively and radiate good energy!

Confidence is surely a feeling that you don’t want to just stick around temporarily; you’d want it to last. That’s why acts of self-care can do wonders for you! We’re not saying that all your problems or worries will magically disappear overnight if you put on red lipstick and a pair of heels, or book a visit to the nail salon. But you’d surely be surprised with how these small decisions can impact the perspective you have on your self-worth!