Genius Ways to Keep Your Skin Glowing in Winter

Winter—it’s right around the corner, and this means that the season for warm coats and scarves is here once again. And it’s also time to update your skincare routine!  

There are many ways that the cold weather can affect the skin’s moisture level. Dry air and low humidity can really take a toll on our skin, causing dry, cracked or chapped lips, for example. It doesn’t help that the dry temperature indoors (from the heater) can also rob your skin of moisture.

Here’s how to survive through the chilly months to come.

  1. Use Cream Cleansers. Strong cleaners can strip your skin of natural oils, so opting for cream cleansers would be the smarter choice in the winter. They are more gentle to the skin, and they have built-in moisture that makes a difference when the snow kicks in.
  2. Use moisturizing toner instead of astringent. Astringent should help if you have oily skin, but it can be a bit too drying in the colder weather. You can still enjoy refined pores and refreshed skin without worrying of the drying effects that astringents bring. A moisturizing toner will do the job. It effectively removes residue as it nourishes the skin with nutrients. It also minimizes the appearance of pores. Isn’t it amazing?
  3. Apply serum on the face. You’re missing out on the jaw dropping benefits of serums if you don’t incorporate them yet with your skincare regimen. They have moisturizing and age-defying benefits that significantly addresses your serious skin concerns. Simply apply serum before your favorite moisturizer and get protected against winter air!
  4. Apply eye cream. Eye cream can lighten up dark circles and mask crow’s feet, treating signs of aging and even preventing them from occurring in the first place!
  5. Protect your lips by applying an effective ointment. Do you spend a lot of time skiing? Then your lips are prone to sunburn. Don’t forget to apply zinc oxide, a physical sunscreen that will help reflect the UV away from your face and lips.
  6. Avoid chapped, dry hands by using moisturizing soap. There’s a fairly high chance that your hands can become sore and chapped. It’s recommended to avoid using baby wipes, which can trigger hand eczema because of the preservatives they contain. A moisturizing soap, on the other hand, will heal the skin. You’d be able to feel and see the difference too!
  7. Indulge in a hydrating bath as often as you can. As you can see, hydration is the name of the game when it comes to keeping your skin supple and plumped. There are bath oils that you can use to reduce skin itching and promote hydration, especially if you’re suffering from eczema. Not to mention that baths generally feel relaxing as well.

Are you ready to look your best by being happily hydrated in the winter?

Whether you’re beating the cold by staying indoors, or spending the time outdoors with loved ones, these tips help ensure your skin stays beautiful and healthy.