How to Achieve a Perfectly Organized Beauty Drawer

How to achieve a perfectly organized beauty drawer

Got drawers and cabinets overflowing with makeup and other beauty products you no longer use? It may not seem like a big deal, but the value of a smart and organized beauty routine is priceless. An item’s value is determined by its price, and the number of times you actually use it. So the expensive pressed powder you wear every day, is more valuable compared to a $5 lipstick you only wore once.

Now that we get that out of the way, let’s figure out what makeup products you’d hate to live without, what you’ll regularly use, and what looks amazing on you.

  1. Do an Inventory. Take out a pen and paper and list down what you currently have, and decide which of them are no longer useful. Or better yet, empty all drawers and make sure every single item is out on a clean and smooth surface.

  2. Segregate. Get four empty boxes and label them as “SEASONAL,” “EVERYDAY,” “DISPOSE” and “DUPLICATES”.

    The SEASONAL items are the makeup products you use only for special occasions. These are the one-of-a-kind glittery lip balm you love to flaunt during Halloween or Christmas parties. They make you feel awesome, but you don’t exactly wear them to work.

    The EVERYDAY items are the products you use on a regular/everyday basis. These are the ones that work best for you, and are versatile enough to be used daily.

    The DISPOSE items are those products which you never use, or those that are already expired. Needless to say, you must throw out the expired products, no matter how much they cost you before. The items you never use can be given away to friends or family who’d willingly take them, otherwise you can also throw them into the bin.

    The DUPLICATES box is for the items that you will eventually use when you ran out of others. Maybe you have several sets of false eyelashes or a couple lipsticks in similar shades of red.

    Examine each of the items you find and put them into any of these boxes.

  3. Make a List. Based on the items in the DISPOSE box, make a list of products you will never buy again. This list will help you save on future purchases, now that you’ve figured out which items will most likely end up unused.

    Take a look at the items you use daily. You can stock up on these favorites for less when you sign up for the brand’s email alerts. Or you may follow them on social media and see whenever they’re on sale. Anyways, you won’t be able to go wrong even if you purchase them in bulk, right?

  4. Store Properly. The products you save on special occasions must be stored safely in a drawer that you’d only access when needed.

    However, the items you use everyday should be designated an easily accessible spot. Consider investing in a makeup pouch that can carry all of them, for your convenience.

Follow these steps and start making the smartest choices possible! We guarantee you’d spend way less on beauty products without compromising a fabulous look!