How to Select Dresses that Flatter and Show off a Full Figure

We haven’t met a lot of women who’d refuse a wardrobe of body-flattering dresses they can confidently slip into, knowing that their best assets will be enhanced and their problem areas be played down. Fortunately, there are many tips on dressing for your shape, but not all of them are specifically tailored to the needs of women with fuller figures dealing with big arms, thick calves, and smaller or bigger bust, among others.

How to Select Dresses that Flatter and Show off a Full Figure

Do you know there’s a way to utilize clothing to create flattering curves that make you feel like a glam diva? By the time you’re done reading this post, you’d be 110% ready to shop for the best summer dress, ever!

Here’s what to look for when you’re shopping for summer dresses (or any dress, for that matter):

  • Wrap dresses and V-neck dresses. The simplest and easiest way to create angles and give the appearance of a waistline is wearing V-neck dresses and wrap dresses. These pieces essentially draw the eye downwards. A wrap dress is particularly suitable for every woman out there. With a front closure, it forms a V-shaped neckline while hugging a woman's curves. Wrap dresses are not just perfect for hourglass figures, but they’d also complement heart, pear, and boxy shapes! Dresses with asymmetrical stripes or a ruffle add softness too.

  • Empire waistline. An empire waistline highlights the smallest point of a woman’s figure and distracts the eye from everything else. Thus, it’s perfect for pear types of body. For women with boxy or straight shapes, add more curves with an empire dress.

  • A shirt waistline. Shirt waist dresses have yoke and buttons to the waist. With their A-line silhouette, shirt wait suits all body types, highlighting your form and giving structure where needed.

And if you have full arms? Opt for three-quarter-length sleeves or elbow-length sleeves. Make sure to wear fitted jackets and blazers as they offer flattering coverage but don’t go overboard by wearing too tight pieces that will highlight your arms.

Additionally, a good bra is also an excellent foundation. Whether you have a small bust or a big bust, the right bra will work its magic. Keep the attention away from your chest by making use of patterns, or embellishments, as well as colors on the arms or shoulders.

High or sweetheart necklines will definitely add subtle volume if you have a smaller bust. But avoid high necklines and boxy cuts if you have a bigger bust. Stay away from dolman sleeves and other fussy details like pockets or ruffles too. Ban large statement jewelry at the décolletage if you want to draw the eye away from it.

What if there are days you’d favor pants over dresses? No problem! Wear a slight boot-cut or flare to balance the calves and thighs. Wedges or platform shoes are your best friends if large calves dampen your spirit. Stacked heels will also help your legs look leaner and longer.

Anyways, you deserve to look your best and we hope these guidelines help!