The Best Halloween Makeup Tips and Tricks for Flawless Application

The Best Halloween Makeup Tips and Tricks for Flawless Application

It’s that time of the year again! Whether you’re planning to attend an upcoming Halloween party at work, or participate in your kid’s trick-or-treat adventure, you’d want flawlessly applied makeup that will both scare and impress. After all, this is your chance to show off your creativity in the extreme!

And it doesn’t matter, either, if you’re a mythical creature enthusiast or an aspiring makeup artist. You can be a few products away from jaw-dropping and mesmerizing Halloween makeup.

The best news? You have the opportunity to make the most out of the items you already own, and our makeup tips and tricks can lead you to the most impressive Halloween look, ever. Read on!

  1. Safety first! Ensure that the paints you’re using on your face are certified by the FDA.

  2. Perform a skin test. This sounds very basic, but this is rarely taken into consideration. You must wait for 24 hours after the application of new products for any reactions. Performing a skin test is especially crucial for individuals with known history of allergies and sensitive skin. Also, apply hydro-cortisone cream if a rash develops. If it persists, consult a doctor. 

  3. Start with a thoroughly clean face. Use astringent to get rid of facial oil, and rinse with cold water to close down your pores.

  4. Vaseline makes makeup removal easier. If you’re applying face paints, then you must know that they can be tricky to remove afterwards. Thinly coating your face with Vaseline will make the process easier.

  5. Make fake blood like a pro. Fake liquid blood shouldn’t be difficult to find in the stores, but you may also use things that are already in your makeup toolbox. Shave off some red lippie first, then add a creamy black eyeliner to the mix. Finish with thick, clear lip gloss. Voila! Now you can look great as a zombie or vampire!

  6. Redraw your lips in a breeze. Does your Halloween costume require you to make your lips appear bigger or smaller? If you’re dressing up as the Queen of Hearts, a doll, or a marionette puppet, you’re in for a treat!

    Cover your lips with concealer or full-coverage foundation that’s a bit lighter than your skin tone. Set the base by applying a translucent powder on top. Next, reshape the new lips by filling in the area with a lip pencil that’s a shade darker than your lipstick. Finish with a high-shine lip gloss.

  7. Powder hair and clothing to add the effect of age. Are you going to be Marie Antoinette or a scary zombie this Halloween? Then you’d love how baby powder works effectively without burning a hole in your pocket. Aside from using it to add the effect of age to your costume, it can also be dusted over the face to maintain the appearance of makeup.

That’s it, makeup mavens! Always remember to have fun with your Halloween makeup, regardless of how it turns out. It’s still a form of art, and you have the freedom to make it your own!