The Unexpected Allure of Pretty Faces and Fashionable Looks

The Allure of a Pretty Face

It’s no secret that we are judged in literally less than a second. And being aware of how we influence others or manipulate their thoughts, decisions and actions through our appearance will provide opportunity and unfair advantage.

You may be able to make someone smile, or impress an HR executive to recommend you for a job raise. As many would agree, if you dress like a beauty queen, then you’d be treated like a beauty queen too. Studies have repeatedly implied that someone looking like a boss has a higher chance of being promoted.

A pretty face in itself is a language that silently yet consistently tells the world about you. So does your fashion statement. Don’t you wonder why we fall in love with beautiful faces and fashionably trendy looks? What makes them irresistible?

Even if you believe in equality, and you know that there’s more to the person than what meets the eye, the power of appearances is undeniable.

  1. People tend to be under the impression that you’re smarter, better, and more successful! Have you heard of the Halo Effect? It causes a single trait (such as beauty, for example) to quickly influence your perception of another person’s other traits. If you’re perceived by others to look great, they are more likely to associate you with intelligence, class, and likeability. If you’re a parent many will subconsciously label you as a good parent. If you’re a student, then you’d be seen as likeable and popular.

  2. You’d feel better and happier. Your brain loves novelty.  New colors, new wardrobe, new makeup, etc, will stimulate the reward circuitry, so we feel elated or euphoric. Novelty also enhances the cognitive processes, positively affecting memory and learning. We humans are wired to appreciate the new, and our body will reward the indulgence in novelty!

    Now, imagine what happens to the brain when you do a makeover or update your wardrobe. The neurological boost will no doubt benefit your mood. Another excuse to buy that new dress or try out that new shade of lipstick! Don’t hold back from reinventing yourself!

  3. You appear more persuasive. This may sound surprising, especially if you think that being skilled in debate is all it takes to persuade a crowd. Some studies, however, have demonstrated that your attractive looks will be enough to sound compelling and persuasive, especially in the advertising stage, compared to your unattractive counterparts. Sounds unfair if you aren’t considered to be attractive, but reports suggest that a pretty face is thought to be more influential.

    Look at the advertising billboards, for example. They already prove that beauty isn’t just a persuasive tool; it’s also an investment.


Who would’ve thought that your physical appearance have such power to alter the minds of people around you? It really pays off to look beautiful and fashionable, and these perks aren’t just hear says or assumptions. There’s scientific data to back them up. One shouldn’t judge the book by its cover, but it’s harder to underestimate the allure of looking your best.