Dental Water Jet Floss
Dental Water Jet Floss
Dental Water Jet Floss

Dental Water Jet Floss

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Practicing good oral hygiene at home has never been easier, thanks to this Dental Water Jet Floss! With this, you can gently remove plaque causing debris and clean those hard-to-reach surfaces, all with this pain-free device. This powerful oral hygiene tool uses air infusion technology where a push of button will cause air to propel water, blasting away debris gently and effectively. It works in a flash and is fun to use! Time to spice up your flossing routine without all the fuss! 

  • Quick and Easy 
  • No batteries or Cords. 
  • Great for both Adults and Kids
  • Air Infusion Technology - Air Propels Water to Gently Remove Debris
  • Ergonomic Design and Low Profile Tip that Easily Reaches Back Teeth
  • Perfect for Keeping Braces and Other Dental Work Clean

How to use:

  • Fill with water
  • Point and press to power away plaque causing debris

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