Teeth Whitening Strips
Teeth Whitening Strips
Teeth Whitening Strips
Teeth Whitening Strips

Teeth Whitening Strips

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Teeth Whitening Strips are flexible strips which are designed to follow the contour of your teeth and are an easy and comfortable way to whiten your smile without causing any pain or sensitivity.

The strips are layered with a tooth whitening gel which removes deeply embedded stains beneath the surface of the enamel in a safe and effective way. Visibly whitening teeth in up to 14 days. Teeth Whitening Strips prevents the generation of future stains and need to be applied to the teeth for up to 30 minutes each day in order for the teeth whitening strip to work.

  • Remove deeply embedded stains, revealing a whiter smile.
  • Get visibly whiter teeth in 14 days.
  • Be more confident with a whiter smile.
  • Prevent the build up of new stains appearing.
  • Whiter teeth without causing any sensitivity.
  • Clinically proven average of 3 shades whiter in 14 days.
  • Note: Package includes 14 packs / 28 pieces of strips

How to use:

  1. Dry teeth before applying the strip.
  2. Taking an edge, pull the soft strip off the plastic film, face the gel side to the surface of the tooth.
  3. Align the straight edge of the strip to the gum.
  4. Fold the rest of the strip behind teeth to keep in place.
  5. Remove and discard the strip after wearing for up to 30 minutes.
  6. Clean off any remaining gel residue by brushing your teeth or gargling.

      Note: Due to overwhelming demand, please allow 15 - 25 business days for delivery of your order.